Our services

From Business events, weddings, birthday, parties in your garden to markets we will provide you with Catering services or we provide options at our restaurant.

Contact us for more information - We offer discounts for companies and events

English / Dutch / French / German Marco 725956177

Czech / Vietnamese / English Thuy 608561414

On Site Catering

We will come to your location and serve food according to your wishes - We do not pre-cook anything, everything will be served freshly fried on site.

Drinks: Belgian Beers / Soft Drinks

We offer a wide selection of Belgian Beers, Soft drinks and even nibbles that can be provided at your events.

Co-operation with guided tours

For guided tours that start at our location or are interested to have lunch, a coffee break or dinner we offer an interesting percentage package.

Delivery of snacks

If interested in pre-cooked snacks without the on site catering we can offer this as well, depending on distance of delivery.

Events at our restaurant

The restaurant has a seating capacity of up to 24 persons and we are always open to hosting events at our place. For example company outings, Birthday celebrations, .......

Bakery services for companies and events

We have our own little bakery set up at our restaurant and can provide you with typical Belgian or Dutch pastries / pies / breads / tell us what you want and we will try to realize it.