Bringing people together by serving authentic Belgian and Dutch food

Please note that due to a dispute with a neighbor we are curruntly not serving Fries / our snacks and burgers are prepared in the oven.

Delicious food creates memories

Frites Butik is a restaurant that not just caters out deliciousness, but lives by the philosophy that nothing brings people together like good food. Whatever the occasion that you need our food for, we will make it happen.

A small pick of Out of our menu

Belgian Fries

Belgian fries made from Bintje potatoes fried in beef tallow.


A traditional snack originating from the historical Low Countries (Netherlands, Belgium), a minced-meat sausage, of which the history of this snack in the Spanish Netherlands goes back to the 17th century

Stoofvlees / Karbonades

known in Dutch as stoofvlees or stoverij and in French as carbon(n)ade à la flamand is a Flemish beef (or pork) and onion stew popular in Belgium, the Netherlands and French Flanders,


A Dutch meat-based snack, made by making a very thick stew thickened with roux and beef stock and generously loaded with meat, refrigerating the stew until it firms, and then rolling the thick mixture into balls which then get breaded and fried


A mitraillette is a type of sandwich in Belgium commonly served at friteries and cafés. It is popular among students. It is thought to have originated in Brussels, but is also popular in Flanders, Wallonia, and the Nord region of France, where it is also known as an "Américain"

Belgian Mussels

Mussels have a wonderful savory briny ocean flavor and are inexpensive compared to oysters or clams. Belgium beer adds a nice earthy flavor. Served with a portion of fries and a Mayo mustard based sauce.

Croque Monsieur

A croque monsieur is a hot sandwich made with ham and cheese. The name comes from the French words croque ("crunch") and monsieur ("mister"). Served with vegetables and eggs on the side.


Its a variant of Steak fries invented in Belgium with small sized julienne fries a 200gr steak + pepper sauce and vegetables.

As a Belgian for me this is a piece of home in Prague. You won't find better fries anywhere. They also have a nice selection of Belgian and Dutch supermarket products on offer.

Kevin D. (Belgium)

Best Belgian fries in Prague, A real Belgian frietkot with all the snacks and beers from Belgium 🇧🇪I as Belgium living in Prague, I love this place, thanks to Marco and his team for the good quality and good atmosphere

Serge F. (Belgium)

Amazing Belgium fries with oorlog. My Dutch friend brought me here. Owner and his wife are super friendly and welcoming people. Oorlog is amazing. Keep up the good services and prices. Will be coming back

Afaik only place in Prague to get genuine Belgian frites. The staff is friendly and coming from Belgium knows their process to detail. Selection of dips so wide I'm yet to have the same thing twice. Best part is the prices are really reasonable and the portions are huge. Loyalty cards are available and are definitely helping me to return time after time. One day I'll manage to try all the snacks, but I always get so full of the delicious chips, it gets delayed visit after visit. Definitely a place to try.

Best Belgian fries in town! Friendly, great selection of imported soft drinks and beers, fell in love with the concept. Authentic, tasty, perfect for a casual dinner with family and friends.

Wow, after many years of searching the taste of authentic Belgian fries, I found it here. Everything we tried with my husband was excellent and the owners are super friendly and attentive. We highly recommend this place!

Paulina P. (Poland)
Carolina S. (Italy)
Ales P. (Czechia)
Jakub M. (Czechia)

Prague has just gotten a bit better with this great new chip shop. The fries are very tasty, the snacks are super good and a wide range and don't forget, the staff is very friendly. After so many years without a chip shop, I am a regular customer!

Tristan M. (Netherlands)
Warden G. (Netherlands)

As a Dutch man in Prague; absolutely delicious, all the classics (frikandellen, bitterballen even peanut sauce), friendly service and great prices.. I'll be back again (and again)

(Translated by Google) Good Belgian fries served generously, hearty meals and finally something to eat in Prague at a reasonable price if you want to eat on the go!The pleasant boss, speaks a little French, being of Belgian origin, QR code menu available in French

EvaV. (France)